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Michael Glawogger is a director, writer and cinematographer and his work in each of these roles displays a broad spectrum. His recent works range from the literary adaptation KILL DADDY GOOD NIGHT (2009) and the quirky comedies SLUGS (2004) and CONTACT HIGH (2009) to his essayist documentaries MEGACITIES (2009) and WORKINGMAN'S DEATH (2004). He not only moves back and forth between cinematic forms and genres, but also between filmmaking, photography and writing – and between gentler and more forceful tones. With Whores' Glory he completes his trilogy on the world of work.

MEGACITIES and WORKINGMAN'S DEATH were awarded several prizes, including the Golden Gate Award in San Francisco, the German Film Award, awards in Gijon, London, Copenhagen, Leipzig, Durham and St. Petersburg as well as nominations by the Director's Guild of America and the European Film Prize. His feature films SLUMMING (2005) and KILL DADDY GOOD NIGHT (2009) screened at the Berlinale. In 2009 KILL DADDY GOOD NIGHT received the Grand Diagonale Prize in Graz for Best Film.